7 Kasım 2016 Pazartesi

GMA (GetMyAds) DUYUCU 6.11.2016

The competition is coming to the last week and it will be a tight race till the end!
We are very proud of our new teams in Turkey who definitely have taken over the lead in the competition. May the best win – we wish you all the best.
Payout information
GetMyAds was build to be a Traffic Network and we have to admit that we were not prepared to issue even more money transactions than some small private banks do. But somehow we managed to fight the challenges we had to face and we really appreciate your patience with us. Thank you very much.
We have an error rate of about 0,5% in our payout system. Out of more than 12.000 payments we have issued in the past 4 weeks, about 600 payments were declined. These errors occurred due to human errors and we deeply apologize for these inconveniences. We know that if you are affected by this, it requires a lot of patience from you but we promise to fix the missing payments this week. We made massive improvements now, tested all possible scenarios the past week and we are glad to say that until Monday night more than 3 Million Dollars are on the way to you.
To lower the number of transactions we switched now to a bi-weekly payout model. This will help a lot to catch up faster with new payment requests. For countries outside SEPA we increased the amount per payout on Payeer to 200,- USD for every 2 weeks and we worked on solutions for all Affiliates located in countries where wire transfer issues are still occurring.
We are also testing BitCoins as an additional payout solution but it requires more time to lay the technical foundation for this new and exciting payout method. We know that many of you would welcome BTC as a payout option but we also must be technically prepared for it to ensure that this payout method works smoothly and without any issues once rolled out. We really appreciate your patience with us!
We have the translations of Videos and Website ready for the Portuguese and Hindi markets which means that our expansion will move on to South America and India. We are working on some Details at the moment but we think that within the next 4 weeks both markets will be ready for GetMyAds.
Who do you know in South America? Who do you know in India? Think about all your friends and Social Media contacts in your network and grow your team in the these new global markets.
Social Media – Rumors and Information
Usually we do not discuss any rumors spread on Social Media platforms and we will keep it very short! We read about „GMA 2.0“ and other stories and rumors and we can assure you: This is wrong! None of our Members in the Corporate Level started a new version and it will never happen.
What happened? The software solution behind GMA is owned by a third party Software Company. GMA has no exclusive rights on the software and there are programs out there
who are using the same GMA Software for this very reason. In one program some small mistakes happened – something totally normal that happens every day. I think we made more mistakes than anybody else but we still managed it very well.
So don't blame anyone for a mistake, if there was one. Stay fair and work with true facts only. It ́s very sad if a GMA member advertises in a way that harms us and we must suspend accounts or remove Affiliates from the PayBack Program. We had to do that in some cases. It hurts us more than you can imagine when we we have to shut down anybodys business because of harmful activities. So again: Stay fair and only work with true facts!
Our amazing numbers from October
October was an amazing month with an amazing growth. We sold in total 582.748 Tokens and we are proud to welcome 36.744 new Customers and Affiliates to GetMyAds. GetMyAds has now in total 165.500 registered Members worldwide – 37% of them purchased at least one Token and we are looking forward to sell Token number 2.000.000 this week. Who ever will be the lucky one who purchases this Token, will receive a very special surprise!
Let ́s push the competition to the top – let's make this competition the biggest that the GetMyAds Community has ever seen!
We wish you all the best and a powerful start into a great week! 
GMA Team 

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