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Richmond Berks | Invest & Earn with realestate!

We have designed a convenient application, which you can use to monitor your own investments from any IOS or Android device. Wherever you are. Richmond Berks is an international investment agency specializing on auction trading. Richmond Berks purchases the property of bankrupt companies and then resell it at a moderate market price. Every adult person (age over 18) can take part in Richmond Berks activities and invest in order to gain his or her part of profits under the offer conditions listed at richmond Berks official website. RBD (Richmond Berks Dollar) - inner currency, equivalent of USD. Buying RBD A client wants to buy 100 RBD; he selects a payment system. Makes a payment. After the payment, his balance in his personal profile shows 100 active RBD. This 100 active RBD bring 1,4% daily profit. The client can withdraw active RBD anytime, with a 50% fine, since he will be withdrawing the funds from the company’s working capital. Daily payments of 1,4 % interest per day, permanently (the interest rate may increase, depending on company’s capitalization). RBB (Richmond Berks Bonus) Unlike active RBD, you cannot buy them; you can only get them for certain activities, with a 0.05% daily interest payment (Active RBD bring you 1,4% daily profit). Daily payment of active RBB is made to your free RBD balance. Withdrawing RBD Only free RBD may be withdrawn to any payment system. If you withdraw active RBD, they shall be transferred to your free RBD balance with a 50% fine. You can withdraw free RBD to any payment system that you select. The funds shall be transferred to your payment system within 24 hours. Income RBD generates you a stable income depending on the company capitalization. Right now income factor is 1.4% per day. It can not be less than 1%. Weekends are exceptional. On Saturday and Sunday income factor is set to 0.7% (50% of normal income factor). RichShare - unique program based on neural network artificial intelligence calculations and blockchain technology . Lets everyone to take part in huge auctions with minimal requirements. Secure SSL Connection The connection to this site is encrypted and authenticated using a strong protocol (TLS 1.2), a strong key exchange (ECDHE_ECDSA), and a strong cipher (AES_128_GCM). Secure Resources All resources on this page are served securely. Partnership system The second-level partnership system – 10% - 3%, partnership bonuses are paid in RBD to the free RBD balance. They can be withdrawn at once, or reinvested. In case of reinvestment, RBD that are in free RBD balance shall be transferred to active RBD balance. visit : http://bit.ly/richmondberkstr

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