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Richmond Berks | New Contest and Bonuses


RichmondBerks (first reviewed here) has been running successfully for over five months now with three month on the MNO Premium List. This was enough for them to reach the #1 spot as decided by readers. The program now pays 1.7% daily for investments made via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, or NixMoney and 1.8% daily via BitCoin (on Saturdays and Sundays there is a reduced rate of 0.7% per day) on investments made for an open term from a $10 minimum. There are many unique features and overall the website of RichmondBerks looks much better than so many others at the moment, so check it out to see what I’m talking about.

The latest news focused on the mobile version of RichmondBerks available on their own mobile app. In the first update re-posted below you can see push notifications you can enable on your mobile device and what you get from it. The second update shows how to unleash the power of Mobile Shares in RichmondBerks, use it to build your own downline, and possibly even win a huge prize of $10,000 for the first ten winners. So download and install the app and start getting more from owning an account with RichmondBerks:

“Push the PUSH!
Hello, everyone! It’s RichmondBerks speaking. Today we’d like to attract your attention on just one thing.
These quick notifications can really make your life easier and more profitable. There is a lot of information you can obtain via pushes:
1. Some exclusive info (via pushes only)
2. Warnings
3. Important news
4. New invitations
5. Contest results (if you are winner)
6. Fresh tips and tricks
7. Updates, etc.
Ensure you have push notifications enabled on your mobile devices (tablet, smartphone).
Best regards, RichmondBerks”.

“Mobile Share Contest. Win $10,000 and double your affiliate profit
Greetings from RichmondBerks! Today we are announcing the start of a new contest where you can win $10,000 and double profits from your invited friends using Mobile Share! The more you use Mobile Share, invite friends with it and get affiliate profits, the higher your chance to win.
Terms of the competition are simple:
1. Download and install RichmondBerks mobile application.
2. Follow the notifications (winners will be able to receive their reward only by going on a special notice).
3. Use Mobile Share, invite your friends.
4. Motivate your partners and get a percentage of their investment.
Participants who attract the most investment – win. Ten lucky winners of the top rating will receive $10,000 and double their profits!
Exactly in 2 months – on June 26, the results of the contest will be summed up live and everyone will know the names of ten lucky ones. This is your chance to prove yourself and get rich!
Win $10,000 and double your affiliate profit
The contest begins today, so do not waste time, it’s time to start your way to victory.
You can find out your place in the general rating on contest page.”

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