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Richmond Berks | Share in social networks

New Achievement “Share in social networks”

 21.04.2017 12:04
Have you seen the new achievement "Share in social networks"? This is another opportunity for you to get RBB and increase your profit. Now we will tell you more about this achievement and answer the questions that interest you.
This achievement allows you to share events with your friends on Facebook and get RBB for it.
- Share how much you invested
- Share how much you have withdrawn (when withdrawing from $ 10)
- How much profit your partners brought you
- Show your friends an interesting article from our blog
For each of the above actions you will receive 50 RBB. But you can only get one reward per 24 hours. Anyway, you can share events and news with friends an unlimited number of times.
You can share the amount of your investments after each purchase of RBD or BTC. Once you shared this event with your friends, the button will disappear until the next investment.
Every time you share news or events with your friends, your progress is advancing, and the level is increasing. And you get an additional reward for every level you get!
Using this achievement every day you can significantly increase your profits. Use the received RBB to purchase promo-codes and boosters in the store.
If you still have questions, our support team will answer them.
And now... Go get those achievements!

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