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SportARB | 23.4.17 News

Dear investors,

One of my favorite moments of the week has arrived again, it is time to write to all you with updates about SportArb and work on developing this connection with you that I value so much. It is fascinating to realize that SportArb has 41,700 registered investors from over 130 different countries and the fact that my message is being shared throughout the world gives me this a feeling of achievement, triumph, and empowerment.
This week, however, I will focus on giving you more information about how SportArb is managed and hopefully, this information will bring you closer to us. Managing SportArb is challenging for several reasons: a distributed team in different countries, a need for light-speed financial transactions (thank God Bitcoin exists) and an enormous list of administrative tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis.
The magic of sports arbitrage is taking advantage of different odds being offered by different bookmakers and these differences usually do not last for a long time, so we need to act very fast and have a very detailed cash flow control system to make sure we know in which bookmakers our money is and move it around quickly. This is especially hard for those starting with sports arbitrage and thankfully, today we have access to a much larger reserve that allows us to keep a constant reserve on our most important bookmakers to make sure we do not miss any arbitrage opportunities.
I started managing people about 10 years ago and through these years, I learned many lessons the hard way: by making mistakes. The most important management lesson I learned was to never let anyone in my team feel excluded and I have taken this as a mantra for my business life. My goal is always to integrate my teams and work with a global perspective in mind.
As of today, SportArb has employees in the UK, in Germany, in the US, in Japan and in Brazil and managing this distributed team usually means late shifts and overnight discussions but we all share the same vision about making SportArb a successful venture capable of shaping lives for the best. 

In terms of updates, we are making the final decision about our moderators for our Skype and Telegram groups, so please expect some names to be published in our website in the upcoming week. We hope this helps to integrate our community with our management and gives you a better overall experience with SportArb. Also, as many of you are expecting, our iOS app will also be launched next week, together with other very interesting updates.

We would also like to announce our first Global Contest that starts today at SportArb. The goal of this contest is to promote SportArb as a global community and we will be rewarding our top performers for the next week. The contest will give out prizes in two different categories:

1) All investors from the top 3 countries shown in the mains contest page will get an extra 10% profit share by the end of this promotion

2) Our top 5 promoters for the TOP 3 countries will receive cash prizes as follows: first place will receive $1000, second will get $500, third will get $250, fourth will get $100 and fifth will get $50.

Detailed statistics are available on this page https://www.sportarb.com/contest/globe

That means we are giving our several prizes in order to boost our international presence. The contest starts now and will run until April 28th at 5 PM GMT. For this first contest, we will be taking only signups into account, not active deposits, and we will be checking IP addresses to remove fake accounts and all prizes will be paid on April 30th directly to your SportArb account balance.
We hope this contest excites you to promote SportArb even more, and we will be adding different contests in the upcoming months to keep spreading the word about our venture.
As usual, thank you for your continued support and for being a part of this brave venture. Words cannot express how overjoyed I feel to see my dream business coming true with the help from all of you. It takes a lot of hard work to make this project work and as I mentioned before; I will not settle for anything less than a worldwide wealthy business and in a few years from now, we will all look back and be grateful and beholden for this choice.
Have a blessed week,
Ronald Wald

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