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Hello moneymaker,

When was the last time you visited a zoo? I was thinking and couldn’t remember when I did it myself. It’s never too late, therefore today I’m going to give you an insight of a program called Zooo Proprietary Limited, which looks like a long-distance runner at first glance being online more than 800 days. It attracted my attention because it has been lately very popular in the HYIP community and has been performing well so far. The program joined our Golden Stage listing two days ago and it is worth to take a look at it now. So, it’s time to go to the Zoo!

The program Zooo Proprietary Limited has been registered in Australia and has present company information on the website, which provides information about registered companies. I mean, there is a company with the same name, which can be found by using a registration number, which is present on the website of this HYIP. However, keep in mind that the company registration date is 7th October of 2016. Project owners are not hiding this information or anything and certificates proving the registration are on the website.

Where will Zooo Proprietary Limited invest your deposit? Nobody knows, but they claim that currently, the focus is on projects of changing factory-processed meat, systems of nutrition for rare animals, genetic engineering, and developments related to cloning. Guys have been very creative here writing the heart-breaking intro about the dying human race and how they have considered the evolution and developed a mechanism of passive income. Often, I see very creative stories there and this is one of them. In the meanwhile, the website has a clear structure and most important information can be found on the homepage. To me, this seems a totally unique design, which requires an extra effort for the administrator. Of course, it doesn’t say anything about the potential of this program and when it will stop paying. However, the admin has done a great job here.

Regarding credibility, admin is trying to prove its credibility right on the homepage in several ways. First, positioning itself as a long-term project. Second, you can see plenty of testimonial videos on the first page. Don’t ask me if those are real investors willing to spread the word about their success on Zooo Proprietary Limited or are they some random guys that received a bonus or payment for the video. Third, there are several security certificates listed at the bottom of the page. In fact, I clicked on a few of them and they brought me to websites, which issue the certificate.

How socially engaged is Zooo Proprietary Limited? I must say they are extremely social with more than 5500 likes on FB, 2270 followers on VKontakte (social media for Russian-speaking users) and 6900 followers on Twitter. Well, of course, I don’t see too many likes for posts, but the company has been very active and communicates a lot with its audience, which for sure requires a lot of time and energy. I believe it’s a good thing to do if program owners want it to go viral. However, this inconsistency of programs age seems suspicious to me. For example, first twitter post was made on the 1st of February 2016, which makes the age of Twitter profile a little bit older than 400 days, but on the other hand, many companies for a long time operate without any social media accounts.

Let’s look at the investment plans of Zooo Proprietary Limited. The minimum investment is $10 and there are no max limits for the investment. If you have visited the website you might have noticed there are many different investment plan combinations and they might be confusing, especially for beginners. Therefore, my advice is to pay attention only to normal plans for up to 50 or 75 working days. Just to give you an insight of the daily return for any of advised plans. $200 invested in the plan 2.5% for 75 days will generate $5 a day, which means that after 40 days the investment will have made another $200, but keep in mind that the initial deposit will be returned only at the end.

At first sight, this program became a mystery for me because it calls itself a long-distance runner with its 800 days, but company registration details show different age. However, while writing a review I did find conversations in forums where folks have been talking about deposits since the beginning of 2015 and the most important thing is that they are still talking about it. I mean it’s a mystery, but if we can believe discussions in forums, then it has been online since 2015, which makes it about 800 days old. Keep in mind that I’m here to share my thoughts about the facts, which can be found online or on its website and it’s impossible to predict, which way this or any other HYIP will head after seconds, minutes or hours. Remember that all HYIP programs are high-risk investments. Therefore, if you ever decide to make any investments, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!

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